[MyCoordy] Terms and conditions
Article 1 (Purpose)
This provision aims to regulate the rights, obligation and responsibility of the company and users along with other necessary matters regarding the usage of all services using wired/wireless internet provided by the Mediround Corp. (Here and after known as “Company” or “Mediround'')
Article 2 (Definition)
The definitions of the terms used in this provision are as follows. ①“Service” stands for all service related with Mediround including MyCoordy(www.mycoordy.com) homepage which all “Member” can use regardless of the implemented terminal (including all sorts of wired/wireless devices such as PC, portable terminal etc.) ②“Member” stands for customers using the “Service” provided by the “Company” by signing the contract with the “Company” in accordance of this provision by accessing the “Service” of the company. ③“User” stands for both members and nonmember that accesses the homepage of the company and uses services provided by the company and all services. ④“ID” stands for combination of letters and numbers approved by the company and chosen by the “Member” to use the “Service” and to distinguish the “Member”. ⑤“Password” stands for combination of letters and numbers chosen by the member in order to protect the confidentiality and to confirm the accordance with the “ID” which the “Member” has received. ⑥“Personal Information” stands for information regarding an individual that can distinguish the relevant individual by Name, DOB, and other matters included in the relevant information(includes information that is hard to distinguish a specific individual yet can be recognized by combining with other informations). ⑦"“Post” stands for informative form of writing, photo, video and all sorts of files and links of sign, letters, voice, sound, picture, video posted on the service as the “Member” uses the “Service” ⑧“Leave member” stands for the “Member” canceling the terms and contract of the company.
Article 3 (Post and revision of the provision)
①The “Company” posts the content of this provision on the beginning screen of the service for easy notice for the “Member”. ②The “Company” may revise this provision within the range without violating the Relations Law such as law regarding regulating the provision, information network system encouragement of use and information protection etc.(Here and after known as “Information communications network act”), privacy policy and so on. ③In case the “Company” revises the provision, existing provision and the application date and revision reasons of the revised provision must be specified and be noticed 7 days before the application date of the revised provision in accordance to method of the Section 1 along with the current provision. However, if the revised content is disadvantageous to the “Member” the revised provision must be noticed 30 days before the application date and must be notified through electronic methods such as e-mail, agreement window when logging in and so on. ④If the “Company” has notified or informed clearly that if the “Member” has not shown an intention of refusal within 7 days after the application date of the revised provision that it is considered for the declaration of intention is stated, and yet if the member does not show any intention of refusal, it is considered that the member has agreed with the revised provision. ⑤If the “Member” disagrees with the revised provision, the member may stop using the service and cancel the use contract.
Article 4 (Signing the use contract)
①The use contract is signed as the person who wishes to become a “Member” (Here and after known as “Applicant”) agrees with the content of the provision and applies for membership and the “Company” approves the application. ②In principle, the “Company” approves the use of the “Service” regarding the application of the applicant. However the company may refuse to approve any applications regarding the following subsection or cancel the use contract after the usage. 1. If one writes false information or has not write the content which the “Company” presents 2. In case one does not use one’s real name or uses another person’s name 3. In case the child under 14 year old has not received an approval from the legal representative (Parent etc.) 4. In case the approval is impossible due to reasons attributable to the user or has applied by violating all other regulated matters 5. In case the applicant has lost its qualification as member previously due to this provision, however only if an approval for re-application is received from the “Company” is considered as exception ③The “Company” may request for real name confirmation and identification verification through professional organization in accordance with the type of the “Member” regarding the application in regard to the Section 1. ④The “Company” may reserve the approval if there is no margin in the facility related with the service or has any technical or business issue in providing the service. ⑤In case the application for membership is not approved or is reserved in accordance with the Section 2 and Section 4, in principle the “Company” must notify this to the applicant. ⑥The term of establishment of the use contract is from the point where the “Company has displayed the joining complete on the application procedure. ⑦The “Company'' can differentiate the “Member” by level in accordance with the company policy by subdivision of usage time, number of use, service menu and so on.
Article 5 (Privacy handling)
The “Company collects and handles necessary personal information from the “Member” in accordance with the related legislation in order to provide the service, and the handling of the personal information and detailed matters are accord with a separate Privacy Policy.
Article 6 (Change of membership information)
①The “Member” can view and modify the personal information through the personal information management screen at all times. However certain information such as ID, DOB, real name etc. necessary for the service management is impossible to change. ②In case an entered content during the membership application has changed, the “Member” must notify the changed content to the “Company” by changing it online, e-mail or through other methods. ③The “Company” does not take responsibility for any disadvantages that occurred from not informing the changed content from the Section 2 to the “Company”.
Article 7 (Obligation for protecting the personal information)
The “Company” must do its best to protect the personal information of the “Member” in accordance with what is decided by the related legislation such as “Information communication network act”, “Personal Information Protection Act” and so on. The personal information handling policy of the “Company” in accord with the related legislation is applied regarding safe handling of the personal information.
Article 8 (Member ID and password management obligation)
①The “Member” is responsible for the “ID” and “Password” management, and must not allow a third party to use it. ②In case the “Member” has recognized that the”ID” and “Password” is either stolen or being used by a third party, this must be notified to the company immediately and must follow the guidance of the company. ③The “Company” does not take any responsibility regarding disadvantage that occurs when a “Member” relevant to Section 2 did not notify the fact or did not follow the guidance of the “Company” after notifying it. ④In case there is a concern that the “ID” may leak personal information of the “Member”, antisocial or is against the good and laudable custom, or is concerned to be mistaken as the “Company” or the manager of the “Company”, then the “Company” may restrict the use of the relevant “ID”.
Article 9 (Obligation of the Company)
①The “Company” must do its best to not take any actions against the related legislation and this provision, and to provide consistent and stable service. ②The “Company” must do its best to protect the personal information of the “Member” without leak or distribute it to a third party without an approval of the person in concerned.
Article 10 (Obligation of the Member)
①The “Member” must not do the following actions. 1. Registering false content when applying or changing 2. Stealing other person’s information 3. Using the service with the purpose of profit-seeking without the agreement of the “Company” 4. Any actions violating the rights or damaging the reputation of another member 5. Other actions violating other legislations 6.In case a “Member” makes an action of the Section 1, the “Company” may temporarily or permanently restrict the use of the service.
Article 11 (Using the Service)
①Using the service is possible right after being approved by the company. ②In principle the service is provided 24/7 everyday without a holiday. However a regular inspection may be executed necessary in providing the service, and the “Company” can decide the date and time. ③In case there is a maintenance, exchange, breakdown of the information communication equipment such as computer, loss of communication or major reasons in management, the “Company” may temporarily stop providing the “Service”. In this case the “Company” must notify the “Member” under the method stated in the Article 9 [Notifications to the”Member”]. Only under inevitable reasons where the “Company” cannot notify in advance, post-notifying is allowed.
Article 12 (Change of Service etc.)
①The “Company” may change all or part of the service provided in accordance of the necessity of the operationㆍtechnology. ②In case a change is made regarding the content, usage method of the “Service”, the changing reason, content and providing date of the changed service and so on must be notified in the beginning screen of the relevant service. ③The “Company can modify, cancel or change the entire or part of the service provided without charge upon necessity of the company policy and operation, and unless there is a specific regulation in the related legislation regarding it, a separate reward is not given to the “Member”.
Article 13 (Copyright of the post)
①In case the “Post” uploaded within the service by the “Member” holds a copyright or other intellectual property rights(IRPs), the right is vested in the person privileged. ②The “Company” can use the work of the member after receiving an agreement from the member.
Article 14 (Management of the post)
①If the post of the “Member” includes any content that violates the related legislation such as information communications network act, copyright law and so on, the person privileged can request for suspension and deletion of the post upon the procedure stated by the related legislation and the company must take measure in accordance of the related legislation. ②The “Company” can take temporary measure regarding a post upon related legislation in case it holds a reason that may be recognised to violate the right or violate other company policy and related legislation even if there was no request from the person privileged from the previous section.
Article 15 (Ownership of the Right)
①The copyright and intellectual property rights(IPRs) of the “Service” belongs to the “Company”. However “Post” of “Member” and copyrights provided according to the affiliation contract etc. are excluded. ②Amongst the service provided by the “COmpany”, the copyright and other IPRs of any copyright work provided by the affiliation contract belongs to the providing company.
Article 16 (Cancellation of use contract and use restriction etc.)
①The “Member” can apply for use contract cancellation at all time, and the “Company” must immediately handle it in regards to the related legislation. ②In case the “Member” cancels the contract, all data of the “Member” is immediately deleted excluding the case where the member information in possession of the “Company” according to the related legislation and Personal Information Protection Act or is necessary for lawful work. ③In case a “Member” does not hold a log-in history in the service to use it over a year, the company can store separately or renounce the member account in accordance to the related legislation. ④In case the “Member” has violated the obligation of this provision or has interrupted the operation of the service, the “Company” may restrict the use of the service by step of warning, temporary suspension, permanent suspension and so on. ⑤Even unter the previous section, the “Company” may immediately put a permanent suspension in case of violating the related legislation such as illegal use and illegal payment violating “Resident Registration Law”, providing illegal program violating “Copyright Law” and “Computer Program Protection Law” disturbing the operation, illegal communication and hacking violating the “Information Communications Network Act”, distributing malicious program, excessive action for access right and so on. In case one is permanently suspended in accordance to this section, all benefits achieved through using the “Service” is perished, and the “Company” does not award separately regarding it. ⑥In case the “Member” does not log-in consistently over 3 months, the “Company” may limit the use for protection of the member’s information and efficiency of the operation. ⑦The “Company” accords with the operation policy of the individual service and use Use Limitation Policy regarding the detail content and the restricted condition within the use limitation range of the article. ⑧In case the “Service” use is limited or the contract in cancelled in accordance to this article, the “Company” notifies it by the Article 9 [Notifications to the “Member”] ⑨The “Member” can file a formal objection in accordance to the procedure decided by the company regarding the use limitation and others by this article. If the “Company” recognises the objection reason to be fair, the “Company” immediately resumes the use of the service.
Article 17 (Limitation of the Responsibility)
①The “Company” is exempted from the responsibility of providing the service in case the service cannot be provided due to natural disaster or irresistible force equivalent to it. ②The “Company” does not take any responsibility regarding hindrance of using the service caused by reasons attributable to the “Member” ③The “Company” does not take responsibility for accuracy, reliability of fact, documents, information transferred, distribution or publication of the “Member” through the service. ④The “Company” is exempted from responsibility in case a mutual transaction is made between members or with a third party using the service as medium. ⑤The “Company” does not take responsibility unless there is a specific regulation in the related legislation regarding the use of the service provided free.
Article 18 (Proper Law and Trial Jurisdiction)
①Any lawsuit filed between “Company” and “member” considers Korean Law as the Proper law. ②Any conflict between “Company” and “Member” is solved by the arbitration of the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board. ③In the case of “Member” with address or residing overseas, the lawsuit regarding conflict which occurred between “Company” and “Member” is solved by the arbitration of the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board.
Supplementary Provision
①These terms and conditions are applied from the date of August 23rd, 2021.